Body lotion ENERGY with LIME & OLIVE OIL
for dry skin

Your routine reflected in skin care
Body lotion ENERGY is a tailor made solution for fast-living people, who need some extra dose of positive energy. With them in mind, Dermofuture experts have developed a formula of a lotion with lime, valued for its conditioning properties and energizing scent, and with olive oil recommended as a moisturizing and soothing ingredient. A lightweight lotion moisturizes and nourishes the skin. The formula is fast-absorbing and non-sticky for maximum comfort of daily use.

– 100% gives the feeling of express care
– 100% prevents the skin from drying out and revitalizes
– 100% smooth skin, full of radiance
– 100% leaves no greasy film

How to use:
Massage the balm into clean, dry skin all over the body. Use daily.

Size: 480 ml

*% of study participants who have confirmed the effects

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