Calming face mist ULTRA SOOTHING

Mist formula based on lavender hydrolate with soothing complex. The product replaces tonic as it perfectly cleanses and moisturises the skin, but also acidifies it after washing. The mist can be used both after cleansing the face with a gel and after applying a cream or foundation to brighten the skin. Contains Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15, an anti-inflammatory peptide which has a soothing, healing, antioxidant, regenerating and antiseptic effect. It can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté morning and evening, and during the day. In addition, plant ingredients such as aloe vera, comfrey, centella Asiatica, make it act like a serum, which not only nourishes and improves skin condition, but also strengthens its resistance to adverse external factors. The product also contains niacinamide, which has anti-inflammatory properties and inhibits bacterial growth.

How to use:
With your eyes closed, spray the mist from a distance of 15 cm on your face. Apply moisturiser and cream to moist skin.

• soothes irritations
• reduces redness
• provides skin with precious nutrients
• refreshes and moisturises the skin
• activates other products in the line

Capacity: 150 ml

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