Snail repair anti-wrinkle cream

Snail mucus contained in the ANTI-WRINKLE Repair Cream immediately improves skin condition. The blood vessels become less visible, the redness decreases, and the skin is smooth and regenerated. In addition, adenosine effectively lifts the face oval, and fine wrinkles are reduced. The skin becomes smooth, radiant, and rejuvenated. Highly concentrated snail mucus gives the effect of skin repair, contributes to its renewal, restores firmness and elasticity, prevents aging, ensuring its maximum hydration. The Centella asiatica extract has a soothing effect and makes the complexion more matt. It is smoother and more moisturised day by day.

How to use:
In the morning: apply the right amount of product, massage in gently, apply daily makeup.
In the evening: apply a larger portion than in the morning and leave to absorb overnight.
Apply two or three times a day in areas that require special attention: birthmarks, enlarged pores, scars on the face, etc.

• anti-wrinkle
• smoothing

Capacity: 12 ml

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