Vita- C perfect night cream

Enriched with vitamin C, it inhibits the production of melanic pigment to increase skin brightness. It has an antioxidant and protective effect on the skin and fights free radicals. Arbutin brightens the skin, giving it a luminous and radiant look, and evens out the skin tone, making it smoother and looking radiant and fresh. Unique formula contains natural plant extracts to ensure maximum hydration and nutrition during night rest. It ensures 100% effectiveness of vitamin C, leaving the skin brightened, without discolouration.

How to use:
Clean the face, apply the cream, and gently massage into the skin, avoiding the eye area. Use at night.

• brightens and evens out skin tone
• eliminates discolouration
• anti-oxidant
• efficiently moisturises and nourishes
• anti-aging

Capacity: 12 ml

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