Odżywka do paznokci z formułą Stimulating Complex Siła Kreatyny

Keratin power nail conditioner with keratin

KERA FORCE is a concentrated water-based formula containing a stimulating keratin complex to strengthen and activate keratin in the nail plate, and high content of panthenol and glycerol to achieve intense and deep hydration of the entire nail plate. Contains microcapsules of vitamins A and E that immediately release their nutritional and antioxidant power. A healthy water-based formula: no parabens.

How to use:
Apply twice a day, massaging into the entire nail plate and cuticles (nails cannot be varnished). For optimal results, use up to four weeks.

• stimulation of keratin replenishment in the nail
• nutrition and protection of the nail matrix
• moisturising and strengthening the nail plate

Capacity: 9 ml