Regenerująco odmładzający koncentrat

Regenerating rejuvenating concentrate

This retinol-containing concentrate is an innovative product which thanks to the optimum content of precious ingredients inhibits the skin aging processes, reduces deep wrinkles and mimic lines. Intended for mature, dehydrated skin prone to discolouration. Revitalizes, effectively nourishes, and moisturises the skin. Retinol and ingredients such as urea, grape seed oil, Inca Inchi oil, and silk proteins make the skin perfectly smooth and moisturised. Vitamins A and E boost the changes in the outer layers of the epidermis thanks to which the skin looks younger after short-term use. Acting in the deeper layers, the active ingredients increase collagen and elastin production, rebuilding and firming the skin. The product is recommended for all skin types that need regeneration, relief and smoothing.

How to use:
Apply a small amount of serum to cleansed and toned face, neck and décolleté. Then apply the cream to the still moist serum. Use as part of daily care. Serum recommended for all skin types, for night and day use. Shake well before use.

• makes it elastic, moisturises and nourishes
• prevents skin aging
• firms and reduces wrinkles
• lightens discolouration

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